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Private Japanese language lessons

“Artour is an excellent tutor! He knows everything about Japanese, and has brilliant resources to share with you that aren’t readily available anymore. He’s extremely encouraging and friendly. I would definitely recommend him.”

Amelia, 29/03/2024

“Back in the beginning of 2021, I made the decision to Learn Japanese, fluently. To do this, I know I have to be committed and will need a lot of help. I enrolled to an online group class and had used agencies to hire a tutor to help improve my Japanese. However, the online classes and tutor were both inadequate and was not going at my desired pace. There was a lack of structure, plan and progress in my Japanese. I also failed my JLPT level 5 exam in December 2022. Through all this, I was not deterred because I was very motivated. What I needed to do was put more effort in my search for a tutor who has vast experience and knows exactly how to help me achieve my goal of learning Japanese fluently.

Thankfully, I found that person, Artour Mitski. Today, in a space of a year, not only have I surpassed the JLPT5 level and closing in on my goal, but I am also now well on my way to level JLPT 4 (by the end of the year). It is all thanks to my Sensei (Artour).

I found my Sensei, Artour, on Superprof back in early January 2023 and met Sensei in person shortly after. As I was speaking to Sensei I knew I had found the right tutor to help me achieve my goals. I told Sensei what collateral I was using, how much time I was spending and the method in which I was learning. Sensei gave me exactly what I wanted, and needed, a roadmap on where to go, lessons to review how I am progressing and effective homework that will see me reach my goal. almost immediately progress was made.

What Sensei does well is analyzing and detecting where I have been struggling and provides not only the method to achieve it but also vast collateral to use to get to where you need to go. Since January 2023, I spend 1 hour every week with Sensei, online. Sensei, over time, gradually developed the structure of my studies to get the best out studying a very demanding language.

In the space of a year, the following, not limited to, are my achievements thanks to sensei:

Listening: Able to comfortably listen to audio collateral that has significantly improve my understanding of Japanese conversations. Can understand many phrases and started to catch the pitch (to be able to catch the sounds that previously would just fly by).

Speaking: Can now do some basic one-to-one conversation. Can read Japanese stories pretty well.

Reading: Comfortable understand and read many Kanji. Can read from articles and revision material at a much faster pace.

Writing: Can now write Kanji and grammar in a very clear and presentable manner. Know and understand many Kanji radicals and counters (there are many!).

I can tell you that it extremely difficulty finding the right tutor, let alone the Japanese language. I am sure I do not need to tell you that Japanese is a very difficult language to master, one of the hardest. If you are going to succeed, you will need to be very committed and very patient. That will be the key to success.
If you are committed to learning Japanese, I would seriously recommend Sensei without hesitation. I am confident that in a couple of years’ time, I am going to master the Japanese langue and it will be thanks to Sensei’s help and guidance.”

Christopher, 21/02/2024

“Mitski Sensei is a highly motivated Japanese tutor of the highest standard. He regularly deploys creative methods, that – although are novel, never betray the classical fundamentals of Japanese language teaching (Kanji in particular). I therefore highly recommend him for anyone keen to learn Japanese, as well as explore many deep and fascinating Japanese anthropological insights. Also, as a PhD scholar, he has often supported me on my current PhD journey, by providing useful insights from his own experience that help me better manage my own.”

Amarjot, 11/05/2023

“Artour was my Japanese Language tutor for 3 years and it’s safe to say that because of him, I’ve been able to flourish in my Japanese language-speaking abilities. Even though I was coming in with no prior experience, Artour did an amazing job of not only teaching me the language but helping me understand why certain things are the way they are and helping me learn more about Japanese culture. I am happy to say I’ve continued my studies in the Japanese Language in hopes of one day becoming fluent and working in Japan sometime in the future, and all of that is because of the direction, discipline, and extensiveness of his teachings and helping me develop the drive to learn and the passion to study what I love. I’m very grateful to Artour for not only being an amazing teacher but also serving as a mentor and role model in my life.”!

Owen, 05/04/2023

“Artour was my tutor for Japanese and the core skills Artour taught me has helped me go on to study and learn three further languages afterwards. The approach and practice, with a through mindset to not avoid the fundamentals, allowed me to grasp the basics of learning a language and ultimately has led me to become fluent in Japanese.

I started learning Japanese from Artour around a decade ago and believe that every session was worth it’s weight in gold and cannot thoroughly recommend him enough.”

Niall, 10/03/2023

“Artour has been a wonderful tutor for my son for just under a year. My son’s confidence has grown in all his language skills, but in particular, reading and writing Japanese, giving my son a good foundation from which to begin developing his conversation skills. Although the primary focus of the lessons is language, Artour will often offer cultural and historic context which enriches the learning experience. He can also, if of interest to the student, provide information on potential progression routes, e.g… opportunities to study in Japan. He is a supportive, extremely knowledgeable tutor who both my son and I would recommend.”

Dominique, 06/03/2023

“In the three years that I have worked with Artour, I have experienced first-hand his in-depth knowledge of Japanese language that includes niches and areas many native speakers will definitely find commendable. His teaching skills and passion for the subject have motivated me to continue when things become difficult, and I would not have reached my linguistic goals without his guidance. Artour is also incredibly resourceful and organised in his lesson planning and delivery while keeping it flexible and personalised.

In addition to Japanese, I have also been mentored by Artour since September 2022 for my Anthropology degree. Our major goals are building psychological resilience and a proactive, healthy mindset to navigate the challenges of the subject field. He believed in my ability to excel in my research in times when I could not do so myself, and I would not be where I am today without his support and guidance.”

Chris, 28/02/2023

“I’ve worked with Artour now for four years. First, on Anthropology and social theory, and later, moving on to Japanese language study. Artour’s in-depth knowledge of both subjects was a key reason I chose him as a tutor and mentor.

As well as his expertise, Artour brings warmth and enthusiasm to our sessions. His approach is practical, flexible and tailored to my lifestyle, interests and level of experience.

His academic mentorship contributed to me getting job promotions, developing my research interests, and gaining much wider industry recognition.

His Japanese tutoring has supported me to make progress in the language, even while juggling responsibilities and life events. With his expertise in Anthropology, he has also helped me learn a great deal about Japanese culture too.”

Laura 28/03/2023

“I was very impressed by Artour’s deep understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Every lesson was incredibly fascinating, and he would always have resources on hand if I ever wanted to know more about a particular topic.”

Jade, 15/02/2023

“A really good tutor. Exceptionally knowledgeable in a diverse range of subjects.

If learning languages with Artour you have a tutor who is fluent in multiple different languages, ranging from English, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Dutch, French and a few more. It really helps to have someone very familiar with how different languages are structured to help take apart and explain your target language in simple to understand terms.

Rather than have a set way of working Artour will adapt his tuition to best fit your style of learning and isn’t afraid to change things up when it’s needed. He’s also got a great sense of humour so lesson are genuinely entertaining.

A very good tutor all round.”

Alistair, 09/06/2021

“Artour is one of the most professional and knowledgeable tutors I know. His lessons are well structured and organised. His knowledge on the Japanese language and culture is extensive. If you need a tutor for Japanese learning, I would highly recommend Artour.”

Brendan, 26/03/2021

“I’ve been working with Artour for about six weeks now and the lessons have been helpful, informative, and built my confidence in using the Japanese language significantly. He has demonstrated a profound knowledge not only in grammar but also Japanese society and culture in general. Highly recommended!”

Chris, 29/10/2020

“Artour is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher who understands the nuances in the Japanese language from every aspect, whether it be a social or business setting. He knows the cultural reasons behind small differences in grammar that make learning Japanese with him a much more rich experience than it otherwise would be. If you want to learn not only the language but important aspects of the culture too, then you have come to the right place.

I believe he goes a step above to offer the best resources for his students (outside the scope of what you would normally be shown by a tutor) and encourages me to be as curious as I can in my learning. Artour is highly methodical and deliberate in his approach to teaching Japanese and will have a well thought out plan for you depending on your desired goals.

He is extremely good at breaking things down and explaining them in a way that works for me. I have no doubt that anyone learning Japanese with Artour will achieve their Japanese language goals. On top of this, lessons are always so fun; he always brings great energy and enthusiasm every time! It really has been such an enjoyable experience thus far and I cannot wait to see my progress in Japanese in the future!”

Aran, 27/10/2020

“I’ve only had two sessions with Artour so far, but from what I’ve seen he is enormously knowledgeable about the Japanese language and equally as enthusiastic. Artour has a great understanding of the structure needed to learn a language, which is particularly important for one as foreign as Japanese. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the progress that I make with Artour!”

Sholto, 19/07/2020

“I can`t say enough positive things about Artour. My son has been working with him for about 6 months now learning Japanese and his growth has been fantastic. Artour is very professional and knows how to challenge him, but always with humor and kindness. He always looks forward to his lessons and I highly recommend Artour!”

Ryan, 19/03/2020

“Artour is teaching myself and my husband Japanese from scratch prior to a trip to the Rugby World Cup. Bearing in mind we are both in our 60’s, he has a task on his hands! Japanese is not easy to learn but Artour is a fantastic tutor- always full of enthusiasm, energy and encouragement. He has a very broad knowledge of Japan and Japanese and therefore can intersperse grammar and vocabulary with history, geography, culture and restaurant recommendations! We highly recommend him as a tutor.”

Aileen, 20/08/2019

“Artour is a brilliant tutor: enthusiastic, dedicated and very knowledgeable. I have worked with him for just over a year, on a personalised study programme designed by Artour to help me meet my goals. In that time, I have achieved even more than I thought possible, including being promoted sooner than expected within my company. They were impressed by my professional development as a result of my studies with Artour. Working with him has not only helped me to achieve my immediate goals, it also helped me develop the skills and focus for long-term success. Artour’s guidance and support has been invaluable, and I wouldn`t hesitate to highly recommend his skills as a tutor.”

Laura, 02/05/2019

“I have been taking weekly beginner Japanese lessons with Artour for a few months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them.

Artour is both a professional and friendly tutor, keen on answering every question you have and very encouraging when you hit any roadblocks in your learning.

His enthusiasm for the Japanese language and culture definitely rubs off on you. On top of teaching grammar, vocabulary and kanji, he also shares bits and pieces of Japanese customs and traditions, manners and etiquette, throughout the lesson – all of which are essential in assimilating into the culture.

Artour also tailors his teaching to suit you. If he sees that you are struggling in a certain area, he supports you to focus on that, and gives you studying tips and extra materials that will help you improve in your self-studying at home.

I recommend him very highly and am looking forward to having more lessons with him!”

Ildyko, 05/02/2019

“Artour has been tutoring my child online for Japanese lessons and has helped her make much progress in her knowledge within the language. He is well organised and gives a plentiful amount of homework to her so she can study on her own. He is a wonderful tutor and a nice person , you will make good progress with Artour on your journey to learning a new language.”

Donna, 14/08/2018

“I have been impressed with Artour’s enthusiasm to teach and his in-depth knowledge of languages. He has a deep understanding of the learning process and is able to cater to each student’s needs. I would highly recommend.”

Daniel, 31/07/2018

“A friend and I have been having a dual Japanese session with Artour every week for about 9 months. He was attentive with regards to what we wanted to achieve through the lessons from the beginning, and he has guided us towards a grounding in the language that I am very happy with. He ensures that we study at a pace that we’re comfortable with, and I have appreciated his timetable flexibility in accommodating my unpredictable schedule.

His knowledge of Japan has been really useful in helping me determine my desire to study there, and I have really valued his advice in piecing together an application to do so via the Japanese embassy. Artour has never once lacked enthusiasm or heart for the subject, which I find makes a huge difference in my enjoyment of his lessons. I would highly recommend Artour and his sense of humour to anyone else looking to study Japanese.”

Freddie, 18/07/2018

“Artour Mitski is an amazing tutor! 100% recommend.

He worked so easily with my difficultly understanding certain grammar points, made up jokes so I’d remember things better which helped me pass my university exam!

He was very clear, professional, kind and has an extensive knowledge on not just Japanese grammar but the reasons behind them which helped me understand things so much better.

Thank you so much for your help! I will definitely be asking for your help again.”

Isobel, 23/07/2018

“Artour is an excellent teacher, who not only has a deep knowledge but also knows how to present it in a understandable, fun way. He impressed me with his professionalism in arranging the first lesson with my 12 years old daughter (sending materials well in advance, arranging lessons via online calendar, explaining details of the contract, making sure that he understands my daughter’s expectations, making sure that the content of the lesson is appropriate for my daughter’s abilities) and, after the first lesson, my daughter said that he was awesome!

Given that I am a single parent in full-time employment, which limits mine and my daughter’s availability for lessons, Artour has been extremely helpful, accommodating and flexible. He also seem to have a natural ability to curb my scatterbrain daughter’s forgetfulness.

I would highly recommend Artour as a Japanese teacher. After a few months of lessons I can say with confidence that his knowledge and abilities as a teacher are second to none!”

Magdalena, 08/07/2018

“My husband and I had weekly Japanese lessons from Artour for a few months before our move to Tokyo. Artour was a professional and fantastic tutor. Japanese is known to be notoriously difficult but Artour’s lessons gave us a great foundation in Japanese.

As we only had a few months, Artour was open to structuring the lessons and covering content that we would find most useful. His lessons and the materials he put together from different resources demonstrated that he understood our learning needs. Having tailored lessons for our learning objectives was what we valued the most about our lessons.

As complete beginners, we found Artour’s guidance as an experienced tutor on what to cover and in what order really useful. Our objective was to have a base in Japanese. In a few months we had achieved this and were pleased with the progress we had made. We were able to pronounce, read and write the Japanese syllabaries (hiragana and katakana), had covered the basics of Japanese grammar and had an introduction to learning kanji.

A big bonus was also discussing Japanese culture with Artour giving us tips and explaining nuances, which we found really useful.

Artour gave us tips on self-studying. With his support we were able to focus on what we should learn before the next lesson. The lessons were then great for clarifying anything we hadn’t understood ourselves and getting Artour’s feedback before moving to the following week’s content.

Artour was well-prepared, communicated clearly, was approachable and answered any questions we had. Artour was easy to contact and responsive. He was accommodating when it came to scheduling lessons at a time that worked for us.

In our final lesson, Artour advised us on what to cover next as we continued to self-study Japanese.

We would highly recommend Artour as a tutor for Japanese but also for other subjects due to his excellent professional, but friendly, manner and methods as a tutor.”

Qiraat, 11/03/2018

“Very conscientious and extremely thorough. Great teacher would definitely recommend.”

Helen, 02/11/2017

“Very good teacher – highly knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and extremely adaptable for individual learning.”

Sonia, 23/10/2017

“Artour has been teaching me Japanese at a beginner level, and has already been a huge help in keeping me moving forward.

He can teach in the style that best suits you. He can teach from a detailed grammatical approach or a more simplified natural approach. He can leave you to progress at your own pace, or push you to do your best if you think that`s what you need.

His lessons are very flexible and he is always ready to answer all of my questions. I recommend him very highly.”

Alex, 13/03/2017

“He is painstaking to thoroughly understand where the individual learners are, then proceeding with a collaborative teaching approach he designs a pathway of learning suited to the specific needs of each learner. Artour urrently tutors three of my children and we are more than delighted with his services.”

Atiti, 19/12/2016

“Fantastic tutor, really helpful and reliable. Great for learning languages, worth the money.”

Tobias, 25/05/2016

“Artour has been very accommodating to our requirements, and is able to provide us with the work needed. I feel confident that my son will do very well with him.”

Callum, 14/02/2104


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