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“Knowledge. Clarity. Structure.”

Hello! 私のページへようこそ!

My name is Mitski. I am a PhD-holding professional Japanese language educator with a university degree in teaching. I have nearly 30 years of experience teaching  Japanese for GCSE’s, IB, A Levels, JLPT, university courses, and adult business and hobby learners.

I studied at the Osaka University of Foreign Studies on the Japanese Ministry of Education scholarship and have Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the JETRO Business Japanese certificate. I obtained my MA and PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

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Teaching approach: Consistency, Clarity, Flexibility

My approach to teaching is flexible, yet consistent, and friendly, yet rigorous. I build my tutorials on a solid and clear objective-driven structure based around your short-, mid-, and long-term goals. I tailor each tutorial to your specific situation at hand, ensuring the maximum level of efficiency and problem-solving every time.

Teaching materials

I use a wide range of hand-picked digital and print learning materials to suit your wishes, needs, and abilities in the most efficient way and ensure that your headway is equal across all the language components (reading, writing, listening, speaking, kanji, grammar, and vocabulary).

Teaching methodology: grammar

I can explain in plain English any aspect of Japanese grammar, no matter how minute or obscure. Japanese grammar is like maths, made of neat tables, equations, and paradigms, and that is how I explain it: with mathematical logic, precision, and clarity. I also always make sure you will know how to immediately put to use the grammar you just learnt.

Teaching methodology: kanji

To help you deal with the most daunting task for every student of Japanese, learning kanji, I adapted best practices from the Japanese national school curriculum for the needs of non-native speakers. I explain the theory and history of kanji, the name and significance of strokes and their order, and the names and meaning of radicals. Without those, students will never progress beyond the first couple of hundred.  I also teach every kanji as a cluster of meanings and readings – they are not called characters in English for nothing. If required, I supplement their Classical Chinese origins and cognates in Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese.

Teaching methodology: structure

As an experienced university Academic Skills lecturer, I organise and run your study process in the most efficient as well as enjoyable way. I teach learning meta-skills, i.e., not only what to learn but how to learn it best. Learning is essentially all about developing your brain and there are scientifically proven approaches to do it better. Kanji and vocabulary memorisation techniques, digitally enhanced study schedules, mind-mapping to engage your logical memory, efficient management of your study and leisure time are just some of the things that you will receive training for, composition writing skills in addition to learning the language with me.

Teaching methodology: goal-setting and cultural awareness

As someone with both academic and corporate backgrounds as well as global work and study experience, I am in a perfect position to advise my students on career and further education options, obtaining qualifications, scholarships to study in Japan, etc. Having studied, worked, and taught in five countries, I am very attuned to cultural and linguistic differences in how students learn and adapt my approaches accordingly for each individual student.

Learning objectives:

・ GCSE exams,
A-levels exams,
IB exams,
all levels of JLPT exams
university entrance exams
university coursework
Business Japanese
Travel Japanese


Tutoring takes place online (Google Meets, WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime) wherever you are at your convenience. I have many years of experience working globally across time zones and delivering excellence and results every single time.

In-person: Euston or Brixton. Travel arrangements to your location of choice to be negotiated.

References: I have extensive references from my former and present students.

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