Best books and online resources on Japan and the Japanese language

Below are the books and resources that I have used myself for my long-standing learning and teaching practice and found them to be better than any other comparable product.

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General Japanese language textbooks

Genki I and II: Textbook and Workbook
By far the best Japanese language learning textbook series that I have seen in my thirty years of studying and teaching Japanese. A methodological wonder, it is a whole empire of associated video, audio, and online resources.

Genki I roughly prepares you for JLPT N5 or GCSE Foundation Tier, whereas Genki II for JLPT N4 or GCSE Higher Tier.

With lots of feedback from my students, I have prepared a very detailed How To Do Genki algorithm that will guide you through Genki to make sure that you benefit from every aspect of this truly marvelous textbook.

Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and Multimedia
Genki sequel that will take you to a more grownup level of Japanese proficiency. It paves way towards JLPT N3 and Japanese A Levels with focus on understanding larger texts, kanji-based abstract vocabulary, and more advanced grammar.

Japanese grammar

Japanese Grammar Dictionary in 3 volumes: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
The definitive, most comprehensive resource on modern standard Japanese grammar ever. Explanations are in plain lucid English with very edifying example sentences.

Though not cheap, it is a lifetime investment that will cover all your imaginable Japanese grammar needs for as long as you live.

Learning Kanji

Basic Kanji Book

Japanese culture

Culture Book

Japanese Society


Travel to Japan

DK Eyewitness Guide: Japan

This thing of sheer publishing beauty is packed with maps, pictures

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