Academic Skills Training and Mentoring

Hello, my name is Dr. Artour Mitski, PhD.

I provide individually tailored Coursework Mentoring and interactive training in Academic Skills for undergraduate and postgraduate university students in Social Studies, Arts, and Humanities. I advise on all academic issues from academic writing and time management to career choices.

Do you need help with coursework or any academic issues? Get in touch!

As an Academic Skills Mentor and Trainer at SOAS, University of London, I have helped hundreds of graduate and postgraduate students in Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities successfully complete their university coursework with the best possible grades and equipped them with study skills to ensure they maximise the benefits and opportunities of their degrees.

Over the years, I have successfully assisted with hundreds of written assignments such as

book and article reviews and précis,
reaction papers,
research proposals,
core chapters,
literature reviews,
individual research projects, etc.

for all faculties across Social Sciences, History, Arts, and Humanities at the UK universities, including but not limited to:

Anthropology and subdisciplines
Sociology and subdisciplines
Japanese language
Political Science
Cultural Studies
International Relations
Law and Legal Studies
Religious Studies
Media and Communication Studies
Migration Studies
Gender Studies
Area Studies
Art History.

I work with both young students who struggle to cope with their coursework and university life in general as well as with mature students who are back in education after a long gap and need help to get back in the saddle.

I develop and give interactive workshops on Academic Study Skills such as

academic writing,
working out research questions and research methodology,
finding research sources for your assignments,
developing theoretical approaches,
planning and structuring written assignments,
referencing, paraphrasing, and avoiding plagiarism
best reading and note-taking practices,
developing critical and logical thinking,
structuring academic argument,
exam techniques,
workload and time management,
and mental and emotional health maintenance.

Do you need help with coursework or any academic issues? Get in touch!

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