Sexual morality in Indian myths

  1. Sita got laid at 6.
  2. Brahma did same with a daughter at 4.
  3. Five members sharing one wife (Draupadi).
  4. Strip a woman before everyone (Duryodhani and Draupadi).
  5. Gamble your wife(Pandavas) 
  6. Millions girlfriends and never marry anyone (Lord Krishna
  7. Eve-Teasing (Lord Krishna with gopis) 
  8. Send a nude girl to distract someone (Menaka to Vishwamitra) 
  9. Abandon your pregnant wife (Lord Rama andSita)
  10. Abandon your own child (Kunti to Karna) 
  11. Elope with a girl on her wedding (Lord Krishna with Rukmini) 
  12. Mother advises to share wife among brothers (Kunti to Pandavas about Draupadi).
Myths in every culture contain  instances of sexual  practices questionable from the point of view of current morality: e.g., righteous Lot upon escape from the ungodly Sodom had sex with his two daughters and had children by them. It only shows that our ideas about sexuality change drastically in the course of time. There is no doubt that our latter-day sexual mores will seem outrageous to our grandchildren.

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