Chinese-English character dictionary

This is a pretty cool online tool. Bummer, I can’t use it in my Chinese classes, because, by some strange twist of academic management, 30Russell Square is deprived of WiFi access to EduRoam.

What I really like is that YellowBridge allows you to draw characters in a Java applet window, much quicker than searching by the radical.

In search results you get

  • both the Traditional and Simplfied versions,
  • Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese pronunciation
  • Mandarin audio file
  • compound words
  • Java animation for the stroke order
  • usage examples (Chinese sentences with English translations)

Korean hanja readings are conspicuously missing.

Japanese readings, however, are not very reliable. For example, it claims that the Japanese reading for 团 is shuu. In fact, it is dan, related to the modern Mandarin tuan.

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